Hey World

I'm Danny. Some of my friends call me by my last name, Tamez. This photo is of my dog Raya & me in northern California - her name inspired both a dating app and a Disney movie. I once went surfing at that beach where the water is freezing cold and shark infested. Something about it reminded me of starting a startup.

I am a designer, founder, and investor. I spent the last seven years in Silicon Valley building startup teams and sci-fi technology products. Before that, I ran a design & dev shop, and worked with dozens of startups and top companies like Twitter, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull.

If you like startups, check out my new product, Gum - a video app for startup founders, investors, & fans. Our mission is to increase opportunity for all startup creators, and we do it by improving access to knowledge, networks, and capital. I'm also a Venture Partner at GoingVC, looking for great founders at early stage startups for checks from $50,000 to $250,000.

I am a native Texan and recently moved back to Austin. These days, I like to spend my free time with friends & family, and when we’re lucky, it involves moving along trails, sliding down mountains, and floating across water.

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Danny Tamez