Gum x Wefunder

Gum x Wefunder


Gum & Wefunder have teamed up to help more startups get funded!

Last December, I sat down with Adie Akuffo-Afful, Head of Venture Partners at Wefunder, at a cafe in East Austin. We immediately hit it off as we sipped hot coffee on a cold Texas day. We shared startup battle stories and talked about venture, diversity, and the future. By the end of the conversation, we had laid the groundwork for our partnership.

How it works for startup creators

  • Gum is a social game with points, a leaderboard, and monthly cohorts
  • Any founder can download the app and apply for an early invite
  • If you win a cohort, Gum may lead an investment for you on Wefunder
  • The Wefunder network can co-invest alongside any & all of Gum's deals
  • Gum startups get a discount on Wefunder fees

How it works for startup investors

Gum's investment thesis is based on social capital, and we are organizing friends & allies to invest together on Wefunder. You can be an accredited investor or a non-accredited investor. So, with as little as $100, you can get in on the best deals discovered by Gum. It's pretty, pretty, pretty awesome 😎

Get Involved

Gum & Wefunder share a common vision - to give anyone an opportunity to raise capital, build their startup, and make the world a better place.

If you are a startup creator / founder and want to get funded, get the Gum app, tell your story, and warp-zone to the next level with Gum x Wefunder.

If you want to invest in startups with the Gum Syndicate, you can apply here.