Vision Board #2107

Vision Board #2107


This whole vision board thing is still new to me. Honestly, I didn't understand the concept when people tried to explain it. It sounded corny.

Now, after exploring the process and practicing it, I get it, or at least I carved out an application of it that works for me. It's all about focus. Think about your vision, goals, and obstacles. What are the images that are going to push you further?

At the beginning of Q2 2021, I was facing some big decisions. First, did I want to tackle another startup? Second, did I want to invest time and money in my venture capital education? Some people might attempt one at a time. Few would do both at the same time, which is ultimately what I decided to do, because I saw each one as a necessary step to my larger vision.

It felt like a big risk to invest months of time and tens of thousands of dollars to pursue a new idea. What I realized in building this vision board, is that my fear was insubstantial. People in generations before us did riskier work with much less upside. They put their lives on the line for a paycheck to feed their families, a chance to leave a legacy, or the hope to realize their dream.

This vision board is a focus on the fact that there are many people taking bigger risks than me every single day. Building startups can be easy with the proper approach, and investing in them is even easier with a good strategy. If you have the privilege to do either, then like me, you are blessed. Venture is light work.