What is the tamez.vc blog?

What is the tamez.vc blog?


Four months ago I wrote my first post for this new blog, tamez.vc. Then, today, I read it again and deleted it. I realized that the original posts were irrelevant and the niche that I want to write about now is venture for founders.

I am choosing this topic because over the last few months I learned a lot about venture capital, and I wish I would have had this information years ago before I started working on startups. Now, I have a much better understanding about the process, and I want to help new founders by sharing my experiences.

The problem is that investors hold venture knowledge too close to their chest. Perhaps it's easier to maintain leverage when founders don't have information, or they don't like conflict, or it's simply not worth their time to help new founders. Whatever the reason, if I can help even one founder succeed, then it's worth thinking about it and writing this blog.

My intention is to pull back the curtain on raising money and help pre-seed and seed founders get the information that they need quickly and easily, so they can get to more successful outcomes.

If you are a founder and have a question, feel free to tweet it to me @dannytamez, and I'll reply asap.